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hand quilting tool kit
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hand quilting tool kit

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Everyone has their favorite supplies, and I'm no exception! Take the below for what it's worth: different notions and tools work better for some than for others because everyone's body (the ultimate machine) works differently (like, you won't see a thimble below because I never use one!).

  • Needles: When it comes to needles, I’m currently loving an assorted set of Clover Sashiko needles I picked up years ago for heavier weight threads and classic betweens by John James for when I’m just doing a running stitch while hand quilting
  • Thread: for decorative #quiltbroidery I love working with 12 wt cotton thread (current go-tos are Aurifil Cotton 12wt #2245, #2140 (this one is serious magic: it goes with everything), #5007) or floss (Aurifloss 1125 and 5015 are favorites, but I’m also currently obsessed with #1104). For running stitch hand quilting, I’m either using 12wt cotton for more texture or classic hand quilting thread.
  • Scissors: I will love my Gingher Stork Embroidery Scissors always and forever
  • Marking Tools: I like Clover’s Chacopen Soluble Eraser Pen for light colored fabrics and General’s Pastel Chalk Pencil in White for my darks.
  • Thread Gloss: I highly recommend using thread gloss because it makes hand stitching so much smoother (my go-to is Sew Fine Thread Gloss in Lemon Peel).
  • Hoop: When I’m hand quilting, I like to use a quilting hoop. For more decorative #quiltbroidery stitches (like the cross-stitch, satin stitch or star stitch), I particularly like to use my smaller 12” one instead of the 14” one I use for classic running stitch hand quilting. Both of mine are probably considered “vintage” at this point and I can’t find them online, but just look for a sturdy wood hoop and you’ll be good to go!
  • Basting Tools: if I have the time, I always opt for thread basting for hand quilting projects. I find it is more secure and it makes it easier to move my hoop around as I go (and it doesn’t leave any holes!). But, let’s be honest, it takes extra time, so if I’m in a rush, I’ll settle for safety pins.
  • Batting: for #quiltbroidery hand quilting I’m currently obsessed with using wool batting because of the volume it brings to the tufting effect. For all other hand quilting, I love working with thinner batting (my long-time favorite is Quilters Dream Cotton in Request Loft).
  • Background Noise: the Quilt Buzz podcast, of course!